Software Development

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What is software development?

Software development is the process of designing, testing, and maintaining software. It usually involves a team of programmers who work together to create a program or system from scratch.

Developers usually start by designing the program or system, then writing the code to create it. They may also need to test the software to ensure it works correctly. After the program is finished, they may need to keep updating and repairing it as needed.

Types of software development

There are three main types of software development: manual, automated, and mixed.

Manual development is when a software developer writes code by hand. They use a text editor to create the source code, then compile and run the program to see if it works. Manual development is slow and can be error-prone.

Automated development is when software developers use an automated tool to write code. They use a word processor or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create the source code and then compile and run the program to see if it works. Automated development is fast and can be more accurate than manual development but it can also be less creative.

Mixed development is when a software developer uses manual and automated development techniques. They use a text editor to create the source code, then compile and run the program to see if it works. But they also use an automated tool to help them write more reliable code. Mixed development is a middle ground between manual and automated development, which offers the best solution. 

The five stages of software development


When starting a new software project, the first step is doing research. The process involves investigating the market, the competition, and the users’ needs. 


In this stage, you and your team brainstorm possible solutions to problems or new features for a software project. This stage is essential for creating a clear vision for the project, and it’s where you and your team come up with ideas for new features, solutions to common problems, and more. After ideation, you move on to the next stage of development: planning.


In planning, you and your team develop detailed schedules and budgets for the software project, ensuring that the project’s goals and deadlines are met. During this stage, you also create prototypes to test possible solutions and see how they work.


In development, you and your team work on implementing the planned solutions into the software project. This stage can be tricky because it’s easy to get sidetracked by new ideas or problems that crop up during development. But by following the plan and sticking to the deadline schedule, you’ll ensure that the final product is accurate and meets all your expectations.

Testing & Quality Assurance 

Finally, in QA, you test the final product to ensure that it meets all of the requirements set in the plan and that any problems have been fixed.

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